Syndrome (Demo)

by Grief

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Enregistré et mixé par Quentin Diaz
Mastering par Quentin Diaz et Charles Fourcassié


released November 18, 2016



all rights reserved


Grief Toulouse, France

Grief is a Post-Hardcore band from Toulouse-France

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Track Name: Deadweight
Crush my bones until there's nothing left but sand
Then throw away this burden
I can feel the storm now
Just dust in the rain
I'm no longer here

Dislocate my jaw, my complaints will be slaught
Buried in the night
Don't ask me if I'm alright
A nervous expectation
With too much illusions.

Sometimes resentment takes over

Tear my breast and take my lungs
The air is stifling but essential
I won't see the after glow
But you don't even know
You don't even know...

Shall we find these cheerful faces in the mirror when we shall come back ?
My own cracks day after day
A smile That reached its deadline
Announced by self-destruction

I can't feel my feet anymore, can you only drag me on this path ?
It's all That I ask for

But now, I learnt "the last freedom remains maybe the one to choose his own emprisonment in the love of the other"
No looks, no sounds
I thought you like this silence.
Track Name: Fracture
A melody which goes out of tune
A broken record, it doesn't turn anymore
What's left of us now?
Please tell me what you can see,
Maybe a love too wild to control

Don't tell me that I came here to go back without you on my own.
Running trough a forest,
I know there's no more kindness,
Maybe a great emptiness inside your heart.

This house, which maintained our hearts is made with crumbling walls
Tonight, I don't know if I stay I won't sleep until the nightfall.
A quick look in these blue eyes...
A lost tear, then a ocean that submerge our dead past.
But what can I do with these trembling hands?
What can I repair ? Please tell me

Please remember when ran on the sand to escape the waves of dust
But now the tide got the better of us
There is nothing more but disgust, there is nothing more.
A melody which goes out of tune
A broken record, it doesn't turn anymore
What can I repair ?
Track Name: A Step Back
So you think it's easy to talk with is own murderer?
I don't want to justify this distance between us
Because the reasons you gave to me were not strong enough to keep me asleep
Now I'm scared to sleep

I know that I was wrong wrong sometimes,
But you cursed all this love and you should not be proud

First full of regrets, a little bit depressed,
I was trying to protect, now i'ts your turn to confess

There's nothing more to say, so are you able to close the door ?
I'm not sure I will,
Because my head hit the floor, but you are gone

I think I was just the wrong actor in the wrong movie
And we both didn't realize we missed a chapter in the story

I keep running, but you still own me
And now I'm stumbling in front of my past mistakes

Oh no, you are not the only one to blame
Maybe it was the cold sheet that I brought,
Then it smothered our hopes
I am sorry for the wasted time,
Wich I won't catch up with those lines
We were not ready for the remedy,
We have created a syndrome they call 'Love'

What if it was my turn next time ?
Scared of the damage,
My desire will burn this garden down

But now, it's finished
I am tired of dancing on a broken leg
But now, it's finished
I am tired of dancing all by myself
I am tired of dancing